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Direct Connect™ Hub Hosting
Direct Connect

Direct Connect Hub Hosting is running a server for the Direct Connect P2P Network. We have come up with the perfect solution, allowing users to run much larger hubs than their personal internet connection allows. Our clients send us their configuration files and we will install them on to one of our high priority dedicated Direct Connect hosting servers.

NexGen Internet Services offers 24/7 Technical Support through our trouble ticket system at no additional cost! Don't know how to setup a hub? One of our technicians will walk you through setup to get you up and running as soon as your order has been processed. You can even order a 1,000 user fill so new hub operators can have a working user base as soon as possible. Don't speak English? Parliamo italiano och svenska.

We use the latest and greatest hub software, Verlihub, coupled with VerliAdmin to provide a powerful administrative interface and a service that can handle up to 10,000 users. Whether it's managed support or advanced access for power users, NexGen Internet Services has you covered for all of your Direct Connect hub Hosting needs!

Hub Features

Each hub has the following specifications:

Each hub comes with the following plugins:

  • Stats - Know your users!
  • Messanger - Send and receive messages.
  • LUA - Setup custom LUA scripts.
  • ISP - Block users.
  • Floodprot - Stop main chat and PM floods.
  • IPLog - Log who joins or enters your hub.
  • Chatroom - Provide additional chat rooms.
  • Forbid - Filter PMs and main chat.
  • Replacer - Replace bad words in all messages.

Extra Verlihub Plug-in:
We will compile and install any Verlihub 0.9.8c plugin you request. There is a $10 one time fee per plugin for this service. Note: Plugins are not supported by NexGen IS.

1000 User Initial Hub Fill: *Temporarily UNAVAILABLE*
There is a $10.00 extra charge for hub owners who wish to start this feature. The minimum share must be set to 1024 MB for the duration of the redirect.
Additional Ports:
There is no charge for up to 2 additonal ports for a total of 3 (including port 4200). Due to security reasons ports less than 1024 such as port 411 and port 4111 are NOT available.
Affordable Hub Hosting

Below is a list of available user counts and their prices. Click on the user number to get to the order page.






$19.00 / month*



$29.00 / month* (Normally $49.00)

ON SALE! 1000 for only $29.00!


$79.00 / month*



$99.00 / month*



$149.00 / month*



$229.00 / month*



$299.00 / month*



$399.00 / month*

This is a DEDICATED DC Server Plan, includes shell access and FREE domain hosting!!

$995.00 / month*

This is a DEDICATED DC Server Plan, includes shell access and FREE domain hosting!!

FREE Setup on all hubs! * Listed prices are in USD ($)

NexGen DC Hub Administration System
Our custom VerliAdmin software allows you to control your hub with the greatest of ease! It will allow you to configure the following:
  • Edit Connection Settings
  • Edit File Triggers
  • Edit Rules/MOTD/FAQ
  • Edit All Hub Settings.
  • Add/Edit/Remove Users
  • Import Users from YnHub
    and Ptokax!!
  • Manage Plugins
  • Send Messages
  • Edit Forbidden Words
  • Configure Chat Channels
  • View Kick/Ban/UnBan Logs
  • Password Modification
  • User/Upload/Share/Search
  • View Operator Activity

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