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About NexGen Internet Services

When NexGen Internet Services was founded in June of 1998, everyone told us that the hosting market was too crowded for another newcomer – that it'd be impossible to compete against established players who were ahead by thousands of servers.

Within 24 months, NexGen had quadrupled in size. Today we are home to over 20,000 users. In addition, we've expanded our services to include low cost domain registration, DirectConnect and gaming servers.

How did we do it? There are very four simple reasons behind NexGen Internet Service's success:
Great prices: We entered the market by breaking the price barrier on high quality hosting services. Affordability has made us #1, and it will continue to be our focus as we expand and improve our services.

Instant service: Some hosting providers don't begin setting up customers' servers until days after they've received the orders. Here at NexGen Internet Services, we wouldn't dream of asking you to wait! We make sure your new server or site is ready for use before you sign up, so that login information can be emailed to you the very second your payment is processed. You receive the same fast service as a customer. Our average response time is 15 minutes on reboot requests, and we are working towards 1-hour resolution on all trouble tickets.

Rock solid infrastructure: The reliability of our technology platform is essential to our ability to offer low prices and fast service. Our network (always expanding) consists of nineteen Gigabit Ethernet connections to the Internet, multi-homed through yipes, level3, and Cogent. Our data centers feature redundant UPS, A/C and generator backup systems.

Maximum customer control: We believe that you, our customer, should be in charge of every aspect of the hosting relationship. We do not require long term contracts. Our support is available 24/7/365 via live chat, email, and our forums. And we're all ears if there are additional services you need. You can reach us any time through the discussion forum, or email one of us personally.

We look forward to welcoming you to the NexGen Internet Services family. We'll take excellent care of you! Your new home is already online – what are you waiting for?

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